Modules Type Super Capacitors
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    Modules Type Super Capacitors

    Modules Type Super Capacitors

    1.long life: up to 8 million to 120 million cycles 2.High Power density: up 6700w/kg 3.Low ESR: can be used as a rechargeable battery and ideal for back up purposes 4.Quick charge: charging 10 seconds to 10 minutes to reach its rated capacity of more than 95% 5.Quality standard:ISO 9001:2000;ISO 9001:2008;ISO 14001:2004 6.Excellent service: ensure products quality,promise one year after-sold service,there is no worry for you

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  • Auto Start Stop Supercapacitor Module

    Auto Start Stop Supercapacitor Module

    Protect your car battery when the Automatic Stop Start system works Prolong the lifespan of car battery

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  • Small Energy Store Capacitors

    Small Energy Store Capacitors

    Balancing energy storage with charge and discharge times. While they can’t store as much energy as a comparably sized lithium-ion battery (they store roughly ¼ the energy by weight), supercapacitors can compensate for that with the speed of charge. ... Wide-ranging Operating Temperatures. Supercapacitors have a much broader effective operating temperature (from roughly -40F to +150F). What are the advantages of supercapacitor modules vs batteries? Supercapacitors offer higher power densities, longer lifetimes and cycle lifes, require virtually no maintenance, inherently safe operation and have wide operating temperatures. All of these features combine for lower total cost of ownership in applications requiring high power and/or short runtimes.

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  • Ultra-Low ESR Large Farad Capacitor75V 8F Supercapacitor Module

    Ultra-Low ESR Large Farad Capacitor75V 8F Supercapacitor Module

    Features High power output; Have the pressure limiting protection module ; Wide working temperature range ;(-40ºC~+65ºC) Free maintenance function ;(cycle life up to 500000 times) Various specifications,can meet customer's different requirements. High quality, reasonable price, help you to lowest your production cost.

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  • Supercapacitor Battery Module 48V 165F

    Supercapacitor Battery Module 48V 165F

    use for energy storage Solar energy, Wind energy super capacitor batteries ultracapacitor batteries

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  • Supercapacitor Battery 27V

    Supercapacitor Battery 27V

    Long service life without memory effect: Long cyclic service life, with a deep charge discharge cycle application frequency of up to 100000 to 500000 times, without "memory effect" Green and environmentally friendly raw materials for the production of supercapacitor capacitor batteries: The raw material structure is natural and pollution-free, and the waste generated will not form harmful objects. It is an ideal green and environmentally friendly battery

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  • Supercapacitor Battery 64V 125F

    Supercapacitor Battery 64V 125F

    Leading the world: Activated dry-process supercapacitors have higher energy density and lower internal resistance, and the overall performance has achieved a qualitative improvement in the industry; Stable network voltage: adjust the system voltage state as needed to keep the network voltage of the DC power supply network stable; Rapid response: millisecond-level high-current fast response, which is the hardware for seamless switching of the overall system; Safe and reliable: up to more than 1 million deep charge and deep discharge cycles, with the same life as the equipment, maintenance-free; On-site utilization: The recovered energy is directly used inside the equipment without being associated with the AC grid, so that the system as a whole maintains optimal power quality.

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  • Supercapacitor EV

    Supercapacitor EV

    Supercapacitors are already used to rapidly charge the power supplies in hybrid buses as they go from stop to stop. Currently, such chargers aren’t commercially viable to deliver on a mass scale, but as more people buy electric cars the charging infrastructure is likely to develop to a point that widespread supercapacitor chargers become a reality.

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  • Supercapacitor Discharge Calclator

    Supercapacitor Discharge Calclator

    The Capacitor Discharge Calculator calculates the voltage that a capacitor with a a capacitance, of C, and a resistor, R, in series with it, will discharge to after time, t, has elapsed. You can use this calculator to calculate the voltage that the capacitor will have discharged after a time period, of it, has elapsed.

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  • Supercapacitor Toy S

    Supercapacitor Toy S

    Capacitors and batteries are similar in the sense that they can both store electrical power and then release it when needed. The big difference is that capacitors store power as an electrostatic field, while batteries use a chemical reaction to store and later release power. Inside a battery are two terminals (the anode and the cathode) with an electrolyte between them. An electrolyte is a substance (usually a liquid) that contained ions. Ions are atoms or molecules with an electrical charge.

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  • Solar Battery Supercapacitor

    Solar Battery Supercapacitor

    You’ve probably used products that contain supercapacitors and didn’t even know it. The first supercapacitors were created in the 1950s by a General Electric engineer named Howard Becker. In 1978, NEC coined the name “supercapacitor” and used the device as a form of backup power for computer memory. Today you’ll find them in laptops, GPS units, handheld computers, camera flashes, and many other electronics devices. The Coleman FlashCell used a supercapacitor instead of a battery. This meant it ran half as long as a traditional battery-powered model, but charged up in 90 seconds instead of hours. Similarly, the S-Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 used a supercapacitor to power the wireless functions of the stylus. The power would run out in a few minutes of heavy use or after 30s seconds of stand time, but it only takes 40 seconds to fill it up again. How Does an Electric Vehicle Work? RELATED How Does an Electric Vehicle Work? Supercapacitors are finding a home in the world of hybrid and electric vehicles as well. They are perfect for capturing and releasing the power from regenerative braking, which is a dynamic short-term load. Vehicles such as public transport buses or trams are also suitable for supercapacitors. They only need enough power to get to the next stop, where they’ll charge up again in seconds or minutes. Since supercapacitors don’t really wear down, this fixed public transport cycle makes a lot of sense for the technology.

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  • Supercapacitor Jump Starter

    Supercapacitor Jump Starter

    Cold weather endurance, short-circuit and reversed terminals connection, and other protecting mechanisms. Production time 60 days. Ideal for retailers, distributors, importers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Microprocessor controlled design allows it to quickly take in a battery's remain energy from a vehicle that is unable to be ignited, then re-boost such vehicle.

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