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Liaoning Brother Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer  specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of supercapacitor in China.

In the pursuit of a green and efficient energy future, supercaps technology is increasingly becoming a key force leading change. Our ultracapacitor laboratory is a cutting-edge explorer in this field, committed to developing more efficient and environmentally friendly super capacitors to inject new vitality into the sustainable development of the energy industry.



1. Mission and vision of the laboratory

Our supercapacitor laboratory carries the mission of leading energy technology innovation and promoting green energy transformation. We firmly believe that hybrid supercapacitor technology will become an important pillar in the future energy field, providing strong power support for Electric Vehicles(EVs), Microgrid, Smart Meters, Medical Equipment,New Energy, Communication Equipment, Wearable Devices and other fields. Through continuous R&D and innovation, we are committed to building the laboratory into a global leader in supercaps technology and bringing cleaner and more efficient energy solutions to human society.



2. Core advantages of the laboratory

Top scientific research team: Our laboratory brings together scientific research talents with profound academic attainments and rich practical experience in the field of supercapacitors. Through interdisciplinary cooperation, they continue to explore new principles, new materials and new processes of supercapacitors, providing solid intellectual support for the innovative development of the laboratory.



Now we mainly produce coin cell supercaps, winding type supercapacitor, Module type supercaps, Lithium Ion ultracapacitor.

Advanced experimental facilities: The laboratory is equipped with advanced experimental facilities and equipment, including high-performance electrode material preparation equipment, electrochemical performance testing systems, etc. These facilities cater for a wide range of needs from basic research to application development, ensuring we remain at the forefront of supercapacitor technology.

Innovative research and industrial application: Our laboratory focuses on transforming scientific research results into practical applications and actively cooperates with enterprises to carry out industrialization projects. Through the deep integration of industry, academia and research, we promote the application of supercapacitor technology in various fields and bring cleaner and more efficient energy solutions to society.


3. Achievements and impact of the laboratory

Over the years, our supercapacitor laboratory has achieved remarkable results in scientific research and technological innovation. We have successfully developed supercapacitors with high energy density, long cycle life and fast charge and discharge performance, providing reliable solutions for fast charging of electric vehicles and energy storage of smart grids. At the same time, our research results have also had a wide impact on academia and industry at home and abroad, making important contributions to promoting the development of supercapacitor technology.


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